Friday, March 9, 2012


After completing the back in just over two days, I can say that the front will take considerably longer. While the cables are not complicated, they require me to actually pay attention to the charts every other row.
How are the rest of you making out?
Will we be seeing any photos of your crochet project, Rani??


Holly said...

I adore your colors and they will look fantastic on you. I admire your willingness to sew things up.

All that purling? ugh to flat pieces!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks. Maybe I should have knit it in the round for the colour continuity.
I hear you Holly. I'm not a fan of sewing up but I was too lazy to make adjustments for knitting in the round. The ribbing was fast and pretty mindless which kept me motivated to keep knitting. Now that I'm into the cabling, it's cramping my tv watching as I knit. LOL