Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ready to start

It looks like I am way behind at the rate that Barbara is knitting -

These are the yarn choices I started with. I decided to go with the medium grey which should probably surprise no one. I am not blond, which eliminated the purple (the color looks horrible on me) and I really would be unlikely to wear any of the other three. Boring here, but grey will go with everything I have.

I have just about complete Leif for the youngest - only have the last bit of the hood to finish this evening so that I can justify casting on a new project. I have also knit a hitchhiker scarf in the last two days since I needed a portable knitting project. Leif is not portable -three stranded cables on size 12,00 mm needles means bulky. Not quite random cables but I did eliminate all the YO s in the middle of the cables.

Promise I will post at least some progress tomorrow.

I am also going to convert the sweater to "knit in as you go" so that there will be no sewing to be done at the end: sleeves in the round, etc.



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I figured you'd go with the gray, that's why my choices were of the more subtle variety. Glad you'll finally be joining us.

Holly said...

And how do you expect me to catch up with you????

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You will. You're dedicated!