Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You wanted a picture?

I'm afraid it isn't too thrilling of a pic...it is grey and rainy here today...the sweater is grey...doesn't make for too exciting a photo, but none the less here it is!

The sweater is a garter stitch rib all over so I have about 5-6 inches of the back done.
We had a big wedding last week and a big birthday this week so progress is slow, but he's coming along.
I can't wait to get the back done and start on the front...the back is always the most boring part...so far I don't think chris has caught on that I am knitting something for him..I do it mostly at night and am feeling sneaky because I knit in bed while he sleeps...Muwah ha ha!


Rani said...

Well heck yeah! (I love gray sweaters)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Very sneaky, Michelle! Sneaky is good!