Thursday, April 3, 2008

My confession

Ok, if we're going to post one at a time, I can do it.

This is my Cap Sleeve Top, made with the pattern from Handmaiden Yarns, made in Great Big Sea Silk, Lily Pond colourway. I LOVE this pattern and this yarn. I have to knit about 6 more rows on each sleeve to finish it off, just a seed stitch cuff. Yet, it sits there, not done.

And when I took it out to photograph it, I noticed that there is an error in the body, about 6 rows from the cast off edge. I have deliberated about my cast off, I think it was too loose, and this might be the incentive I need to rip it back, fix the error, and bind off a little more firmly.

The error may not even be visible. Basically, this is seed stitch with a row of purl in between each RS row. For the last few rows, I didn't offset the k1 p1 on the RS, so it lines up like a rib, instead of seed stitch. And how did I notice this? I made a complete top in this pattern, with this exact error in the entire garment, so it's a rib instead of seed stitch. I really think I should fix this one. Gah.


Michelle said...

the top is absolutely beautiful and certainly worth fixing.

Josiane said...

So close to be done! I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it... and this is going to happen soon!

Knitsnpurls said...

That's going to be gorgeous when it's all done. I love the colours.

Janet said...

It is beautiful yarn. I got it from Michelle. And the pattern too, didn't I??

Holly said...

That is one great top. And it will be done so quickly.

None of us can see the error, but the fact that you can makes it well worth fixing. Otherwise you will finish it and never wear it.