Monday, February 25, 2008

Couple Possibilities

How about this one?
I really like this one; so feminine and flattering and looks easy!
And one more, a bit more adventurous:


Janet said...

I'm the "new kid" here, but still wanted to put in my 2cents worth. Those are all really pretty. They look like they'd be fun to knit, especially the 2nd and 3rd. But, with so many other projects in front of me, I'd prefer something that uses yarn I have already planned to use. And what I have on hand includes a lovely big bag of chocolate brown Donegal Tweed wool. I'm obviously still in winter mode.....

Holly said...

I like one and three, I have yarn on hand for just about anything as long as it is not cotton.
If not commercial, well I can use up handspun.