Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oops! Still no Monkey

You see, I had really planned on starting Monkey's. But I remembered that I still had the pair to do for the 6 Sox KAL. And this Opal Herbstmelodie yarn wound.

They are pretty close to mindless knitting, and I was able, between catching a ride too and from the meeting, plus sitting and listening, able to whip these out in a couple of days.

And then I am sitting there, without my next yarn which was for Monkey with a couple of hours to do in the Conference. And 1/3 a ball of yarn left. My husband is going to get Monkey's in this color as well, since I have another hank of this yarn at home. But I really can't stand knitting the same yarn two times in a row. That means casting on in something else and putting these on hold till the other socks are done and my mind is back.

I hate time zone changes! But if you want to see a couple of pictures of Vancouver - I have put them here. Tomorrow I am going to get pictures of something other than the water, I promise.

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