Friday, May 18, 2007

Monkey In the Middle

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been gone so long! I got out of blogging habit on my trip ;/

I have been working on my monkeys and progress has ground to a halt. I hate toe decreases. Dispise. Ick. I am willing to turn heels for anyone willing to do my toe decreases. No? Damn. I am using Zen Garden In-Sync ( I like it a lot! The short and fairly random verigations are really complimentary to the pattern, well I think so and woe betide anyone who says different. Woe.

For those of you who don't know I have set-up a huge sock jag for myself this summer. I have 3 pairs of Harry Potter socks to make (I want to make one in Entrelac kneehighs) and my monkey socks. To break up the sock monotony/momogomy I have my Anna kneehighs .... wait thats another sock .... well I need something not a sock...I know I'll wait until I decide to procrastinate on the monkey toe.

Um I seem to have fallen and accidently cast on and completed the leg of a jaywalker while picking myself back up. Dommit! (Yes, Virginia there is a SamSam, Ohbz was unavailable as he locked himself in the bathroom cupboard.) For the record this is the only pattern I haev found that I like with stripes socks. There are probably more out there, I just haven't found them yet.


Holly said...

Great socks!
And cat of course. The quilt is your work as well?

Jinxsa said...

Well sort of I bought it for my mom.

Karin said...

Love the Zen yarn you're using - I know Michelle has restocked it, I think I'll need to go and take another peek :).

aquaknits said...

Looks nice! I really like the complimentary heel.