Thursday, May 17, 2007

At last, I can start Monkeying around

grasshopper 17may07grasshopperdetail
Yarn= STR Silky in colorway "Walking on the Wild Tide"
Pattern= variation on Knee High to a Grasshopper, the April Rocking Sock Club Pattern. The key change was knitting the back of the sock in 1x1 ribbing. It may not be as pretty as the mesh, but the socks are staying up after a couple of hours. All the yarn overs were done front to back, which made the p2tog a snap.
Knit on 2,5 Colonial Rosewood dps over 56 stitches.

So Now - Monkey! I have lots of yarn (thank you Michelle). Any one find anything that works better than others? Especially with all the handpaints, does a high contrast wipe out the pattern?



Jinxsa said...

I really like verigated yarns with it, striped sock yarn is kinda ucky with it, as it totall takes away from the pattern. My favouorite yarn I have used with it is Zen Yarn Garden with contrasting toes and heels in Passion Guava. I had tried it in 3 other yarns but never got down to the heel as the stripes were distracting, and Jaquardi was very very wrong for something this fancy.

Holly said...

that was kind of my feeling. multi in low contrast.