Friday, April 20, 2007

The View from here

Holly's pictures were so beautiful I decided to show you the view from my houseThis is the view off my bedroom balcony. We don't have any houses in front of us yet. It was a nice skating rink in the winter.
This is the view to the left of us
And the view to the right. Before the corner house went up we had a beautiful view of the lake.

But my favorite of all is the view out the store window. It is full of baby ducks and little families of animals!There is a path there that you can't see but in the summer there will be lots of corn and animals in the back


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Are you far from the lake? Which one? I grew up in Kitchener, so I know about Ontario corn fields. When my parents moved to their new house, there was an old farm behind them, but now the corn is gone and the machines are in. The farmer finally buckled under all the pressure and now everything is a mess while they put in a new subdivision in there. Shame.

Holly said...

Hey - you notice I did not give you the view out of the back of our house. Or the jungle of bushes and stuff that needs to be whacked.

Michelle said...

We are close to lake ontario about 2.5 minute walk at the most. It is a nice area and we picked the house near the corn field because of the hydro lines going through the cornfield so they cannot build behind us.