Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hi All, Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I'm joining as part of the informal "Monkey Along", that Michelle mentioned on her blog. I love knitting Cookie's sock patterns, and seeing all the great finished versions of this, has me inspired :). I have some stash yarn that I'll be using, a wool / bamboo / nylon blend (the lighter one in the photo). Not sure if I can hold off until the May 1st start date, though. Looking forward to seeing all of your knitting projects.

I keep a knitting blog over at:, feel free to "visit".

Cheers, Karin


Michelle said...

Hi Karin! welcome to the blog

Holly said...

Monkey socks?

What did I miss?

Karin said...

Hi Holly, Check out the 16 April entry on Michelle's blog for the details of this one :).

Holly said...

Ah, I can find that. Thank you.
May - STR from April, Chameleon Colorworks, test drive sock, sockmania...
husband has a request from Favorite Socks
Daughter has a request from Favorite socks.
the monkey?
When am I going to get a chance to get back to my vest?

Loretta said...

Hi Karin!!