Thursday, April 12, 2007


Not too long ago, I remember telling a friend to read the pattern all the way through before starting to knit. Too bad I didn't follow my own advice.
Hey Holly... no, the fronts will not be done once I get enough nerve up to rip! I kind of forgot the neck shaping. I was knitting my hubby's socks and I was thinking about getting back to the sweater, when I though: "I think I missed something. But I don't know what. Both fronts looked the same, after all. I wonder if the neck shaping is done in the button and neck bands." Yeah, right!

So within the next day or so, I will be swimming with the frogs.


Michelle said...

Oh what a bummer, advice came back to bite you in the least it will be a beautifully coloured frog pond!

Holly said...


Being someone who HATES ribbitting...

Is this a yarn you can cut and sew? that might be a choice.

Do you really want that particular neck? Would it be ok with something that needs less time in the pond?

Inquiring minds want to know