Saturday, April 14, 2007

Need suggestions!

I have been making progress on the Cottonwood vest.
But the more I look at it, the less I like the color combination.

This is a bit closer up of the contrast.

Iam thinking that I might be better of with navy, denim or grey. I would really appreciate the opinion. I don't like or wear brown, so that is out. The other thing that occured to me is forest green, but there is a lot of red in the yarn.



Michelle said...

If you don't like it now, it is probably not going to grow on you. Plus there is no point in putting your hard earned knitting time in on a project you don't absolutely love.
I have one vote for rip and re colour

Holly said...

actually, everyone has been telling me exactly that.

What I now need to do is figure out what I want for the solid color.

I have a few more pictures of yarn etc here

The color range in the yarn is from gold with a bit of orange through reds and a bit of brown. The roving color was called "fire" and it does look like the colors you see when you look into flickering flames.

If it was you, what would you chose?


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I like the grey. I think it would really compliment your handspun, let the colours come alive more.

Michelle said...

Hmm that is such a hard one...there are so many colours that would look great with that handspun.
Do you want a nice blend or a contrast?
Also, I didn't know you were a spinner.
remind me next time to send you a sample of the rovings I am dyeing