Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maybe I can do this from here!

Since pictures of my current socks in progress on my blog here I am going to see if I can manage to pull a couple of pictures to here (without uploading).
There is Glamour


Which is knit from Sweetsocks merino/tencil in colorway Scarlet Letter. I love the feel of this yarn in my hands as I knit it and it should wear well, but there is not much elasticity to the yarn. Be warned.

And then there is a pattern I am test knitting - Jody's Socks

Which is out of Zen Yarn Garden in colorway Norwegian Shores. It is a lovely yarn with the striping and color changes being soft and smooth. Unlike many hand dyed yarns, it does not take away from the pattern. This is a toe up, I like it except for lace panel on the heel. It may be pretty, but I don't wear clogs and have found anything that is decorative on the heel is irritating because it rubs. I will post it again in a day when done and see what you all think.



Michelle said...

Very pretty!

Loretta said...

Those are both beautiful!! I think I like the pink ones best.

Holly said...

I like them both. Will try to get them on sock stretchers tonight so that you can see them better.

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