Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hi All!! I am joining the Monkey Along too. I can't wait to start either!! I just hope my yarn gets here and I hope my yarn gets here & is ok. I ordered lorna's laces in georgetown to do these socks. If my yarn does not get here soon, I will make a trip to Columbus to go to one of the yarn shops to get some yarn. Hopefully also my DH will have my computer network working properly so I can post pics.

Nice to meet everyone


Holly said...

Welcome aboard. And which Columbus? Georgia, Ohio, ????

If you can't get the network working but can access email- I can help you with a work around for pix.


Loretta said...

Sorry, Columbus, Oh I am about 50 minutes from my nearest LYS So I don't get there too often

Karin said...

Hi Loretta! How is the "Monkey" willpower holding up? Confession. I started. I have no self-control, even with all the other half-done projects sitting in the basket.

Loretta said...

I have not started yet. I am keeping myself busy making some socks for my 4 yr old son. I had made his sister some and he was getting jealous. We had stopped at the not so lys on Monday when he had a dentist appt nearby and he picked out lorna's laces in the camoflage color and is dying for them to be done. I have one done hopefully I will get the other one done by Sunday. Good thing he has fairly small feet so they go quick