Friday, April 27, 2007


I need help picking my yarn for my monkeys!

DH had to go in to Columbus (Ohio) to do a bit of work so DS & I rode along and we ended up going to the Knitters Merchantile. They had the jitterbug sock yarn which I had not seen in person yet. I got 2 skeins of it and a skein of tofutsies. I got the Fire and the Castagna. I think I am going to use the Castagna for some socks for DH. You can see the colors here;jsessionid=154632730aab345/shopdata/0020_yarns/0007_wools/0005_jitterbug/full_range.shopscript

When we got home there were the 2 colors I ordered of lorna's laces in my mailbox. I have Georgetown and Rainbow. They can be seen here by View all Lorna's multi colors here I am thinking the Georgetown out of these 2

The tofutsies I got is number 728 seen here

I am more leaning towards the lorna's laces georgetown but also seriously considering the jitterbug fire

What do you all think?


Holly said...

what color do you like best? and with the multicolor yarns - are any of them going to obscure the pattern?

The truth for me is that if I want the stitch work to be clear, I avoid anything too busy or too dark.

Loretta said...

I know what you mean. I did search around last night and found 2 blogs that had pics of the monkey. One with the fire and one with the georgetown. Let me see if I can find them again. I was surprised with how the fire looked.

Loretta said...

Here is a monkey in fire in progress about half way down

Here are some in georgetown. I am thinking the photo just isn't as good on these

They both look great I am just having a really hard time deciding