Saturday, March 3, 2007

Yes! I have yarn

After much nagging, I convinced my 18 year old daughter to stop at the mailroom on her way home from voice lessons. Grumbling, she informed me that there were six packages and she could not carry them all on the Stra├čenbahn.

I am not so easily deceived, her father was driving her. I negotiated picking up the youngest two offspring at the train station in exchange for the boxes being brought home.

These boxes, except for two, were more on the line of mailing envelopes. But the one real box was from Michelle and contained yarn.
Yarn for Miriam's Sweater
The Blue is Shelridge Farms in misty blue. The multicolor is Mohair Myst from Joslyn's Fiber Farm in color Party Time. The purple is hand spun merino 2-ply.

Now to see what the 14 year old wants as contrast.

Heidelberg, Germany


Jinxsa said...

If she is open to votes I like the verigated.

Michelle said...

YAY! You have yarn!

Holly said...

I tried to talk her into the multicolor. She voted purple. I really thought that the multicolor was good.

But then, I like things coordinated. Oh, well.

Miriam is 14 (on Tuesday) and likes the sharp contrast.