Saturday, March 3, 2007

well I seem to have shot myself in the foot.

As you can see I decided to modify the pattern. This is only my second bit of colourwork ever. And it takes for-eva! I was just to where the colour work begins yesterday when I fell asleep. Dispite having all day off to knit I only managed to just finish the back before bedtime, 8 inches in about 8 hours...what was I thinking? (Shown from reverse side because I am a masochist and I am positive I did it wrong)
In case that doesn't sabotage my chances consider this, my swatch was accurate but now I am half a stitch UP. Since my bust is 40 and the sweater is designed obviously with major ease I decided to do the large. The back measures about 27" before blocking-so you know 14 inches of ease is better than 3.5" (eyeroll @self). Good thing I grew up in the 80's...

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Michelle said...

Ah it is beautiful!! And you are certainly one for punishment!
After this project I think I am going to knit Eunny's Endpaper mitts for my first intarsia knit...with shelridge sock of course