Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is why I am measuring $1.50 Cardi every single row.

It's a nice sweater, know anyone it may fit....? That pink line is from the front of the sweater, it's not the sleeve.

I wasn't going to show these but it's been too quiet!


Holly said...

ooooohhhhhh! It is still a beautiful sweater. Really.

no way you can just grow about 6 cm in height?

oh, you are not doing that anymore? And no way am I wishing any extra roundess on anyone!

The Shelridge did see to want to grow a bit in the blocking process, I better put it on Miriam to see what happens.

Now, seriously-are you willing to put in some more time? If you take out the sleeves and effectively steek off some excess on the sides of the body, you could then put the sleeves back in and you could have a sweater than is smaller around.

I have only done this once, but it was easier than reknitting a sweater than was almost 20" too big (shall we admit here to not bothering to do a gauge swatch and enthusiasm on the part of the designer for casual?

I don't think I would go this route unless I was going down 4 cm or more off each edge.

just a thought.


Jinxsa said...

I did swatch actually only I swatched on straights and I knit on circs. Look at what an extra stitch per inch can do! I've steeked before I even knew what steeking was.

It's feltable wool. I thought about felting the sweater about 5 inches on each side (I told you this thing is huge!) and cutting and seaming it back together. Either that or I need to find someone with a 53 inch chest.

gretchen said...

I am currently living in fear of this event. I am knitting the 43.5 inch size body (I have 46/48 inch bust). I am hoping for the best....

Holly said...

trying to felt the sides a bit before steeking might work.

At least it would make the yarn hold well together when you cut it.

I can't control felting well here (front load washer and I really don't like handling large wet objects by hand) so I didn't even think of that.

But certainly, if you redid the side seams, you might have enough removed fabric to make either (oh, whatever stulpen are called...!) wrist warmers or a matching purse!