Sunday, March 18, 2007

Look out weekend here I come..

Ok I TOTALLY missed this is now sunday night and I got nothing except for two inches (one on each sleeve)
My whole weekend was taken up typing out a 24 page project for Chris. He is an Arborist Apprentice and this project was insane...he is not computer literate and typing this out would have been his death for certain.
So...knitting will commence tomorrow...I have a little store update to do * looking* of the merino tencil semi solids I did last weekend and then it is on to knitting...oh..after I finish the day of work in the office...I have tuesday to work on the store...hopefully I can get the self striping stuff up!
Oh yeah..and knit my sleeves...gotta finish this off this month!


gretchen said...

Me too!! I wound up casting on 5 (!!) times for the body. I originally did a backward loop (my least favorite co) because I wanted the knits and purls to be smooth all the way down, but I had to rip it out several times (twisted, too many stitches, not enough stitches, etc.) I went with the long tail, and, after fears of 14 inches of ease, I went with the 43.5 inch body. I'll do most of this on the subway where my already loose gauge just gets looser. I did the first two inches in the dark in a movie theater!! Strawberry Shortcake Berry Blossom festival - good for knitting until one of the kids wants to sit on your lap...

Holly said...

Looks like life has been handling all of us challenges.

I have hauled out a red vest I have put aside for years and am planning on getting that finished. I actually found the loose balls of yarn.

Except that I can not find the book that contains the pattern. Any one have Folk Vests?


Jinxsa said...

I was knitting up a garter stitch strap for my messanger bag when I went to see "300" this week. Not that great a movie for knitting anything complicated. But good movie and worth watching.