Monday, March 26, 2007

Still knitting

OK - so I am now about 7" into the body (in the round), and I think it's going pretty well. I finally passed the ribbing this weekend and now the subway knitting is quick and easy.

Here's my problem. I decided (as you may or may not remember) to knit the 43.5 inch version after several aborted cast ons. My gauge in stockinette has been 18/4". I figured this would give me close enough to the right size (I have a 46/48 bust - depending on the wind).

I am concerned that my gauge is going to tighten up in the round, however. I was thinking I would knit an inch or two, then check it. If it's too tight I was thinking I'd move up a needle size (thank you KP options....). I only really need it bigger at the bust, and it's a deep V-neck, and I'm really worried about it being too big not too small......There's also blocking.....

Any opinions? I am using the Shelridge Farms, but I haven't blocked the sleeve I finished (though I keep telling myself to do it...) to see just how much it grows.

I might be able to post a photo later tonight.


Holly said...

my Shelridge grew. I had to be careful not to let it do that too much. Since I am not a fan of skin tight sweaters I was pleased, Miriam would have been perfectly happy with 5 or so cm less growth.

So if you have 4-5" of ease, you can stretch it out a couple of more inches without problems, and just be careful to do something that does not draw in much at the V.

glad to hear you are making progress!


Jinxsa said...

I am in no position to give guage advice. But out of curiosity how are you liking the Knit Pick options? I have Boye and they are ok, I have had 2 cables snap at the screw and am looking for something better.