Monday, March 26, 2007


I must confess, I did put this sweater aside for a week or so. Sleeve Island has not been good to me, but I looked at the date today and immediatly picked up the sweater for a few rows..yikes the 26th??
So off I go again. I am kind of thinking there is an end in sight as the sweater has sloppy shoulders so maybe I don't have to make the sleeves too long???
Barbara, had dissapeared...I think she is on the island too...any progress on the sleeves?
When you type sleeves so many times it just looks I sleeping??


Jinxsa said...

Your so close!! You can do it!Think how much you want to wear this before the weather gets too warm. Great for evenings on a cruise ship!!

gretchen said...

You can do it Michelle!! Just. Keep. Knitting. I was getting discouraged then I realized I had made real progress. It's all that ribbing that does you in.