Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Fallen Behind

It's coming along. Most of the progress was made today, but I am still only half way in my colour work.


Holly said...

OH! your color work is gorgeous! I don't think you are really behind - not when it takes so much longer to do something so complicated.

I am buzzing along only because this is a really simple pattern and stockinette.

What is the pattern for the colorwork?

whose Norwegian and Fairisle takes for ever in order for the tension to be good.

Michelle said...

Simply Stunning..I wish it was mine!!

Jinxsa said...

oh man that's so pretty!

gretchen said...

That is beautiful!!!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks ladies! I am so pleased with it! I worked on it last night until 11 pm while watching tv and almost managed to get all the colour work done. I have maybe 6 rows to go and then smooth sailing with plain stockinette.