Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi!  I've been knitting a shawl that has been kicking my butt over and over, so I am setting it aside or at least putting it on the back burner for a cardigan.

I have some Bergere de France worsted in black or an inky navy blue - can't tell - and I'm making a cardigan that's roughly based on a free Lion Brand pattern that I'm altering a bit - I only want one button and I'll be using a loop, not a buttonhole for it and I'm making the ribbing at the bottom about three inches deep instead of the skimpy inch the pattern called for.  That said, I got the left and right fronts cast on together on one circular and the ribbing and the first three rows of stockingette done Sunday night.  Didn't get the laundry done, but I knitted.

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Welcome! Do you have a photo of the yarn and/or your pattern? I would love to see it. I usually adjust my patterns to suit my needs as well. :)