Monday, March 25, 2013

Finished!!! ... and now not finished

Yesterday I finished my sweater. Had all the ends sewn in. Tried it on. Not happy with the front/collar piece. I don't like the way I picked up the stitches. Had an idea to re-do the lower sections; where it was really bugging me ... so cut off a piece and gave it a try. Didn't like that either. So ripped the whole piece off. And darn blogger still won't let me load a picture! Tried adding a picture again ... no go. Press the "add selected" button ... and poof ... there it is ... gone. most frustrating! Like paragraph breaks; they go away as well.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So close. I am finding that the picture upload screen is a little slow so you just have to wait it out.

Dorothy said...

I've uploaded the picture, I've let it sit while I went to get a snack, check on the baby bunnies and get a drink ... still not uploaded.