Sunday, June 3, 2012

Anyone done yet?

Which obviously means that I am not. The cruise knitting went fairly well - I have only a small section of the second front to finish on my HF. So obviously the sweater has been sitting in my suitcase since the 16th of May. Since it is knit in one piece it just got too clumsy to haul around easily. Instead I have been knitting various assorted shawls. The first - well no sweat. Done, just needs blocking. I ran out of yarn for the second (three 50 gm skeins of sock yarn and a good 20 rows to go. Didn't really believe that it was going to actually take 800+ meters of fingering weight yarn). Which takes me to yet another on my needles. What was that about not starting up any new projects? Sooo busted. (and since I have been home less than 24 since 18 April there has been zero progress on the March Madness sweater.....

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