Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ok - I'm in

After asking the original question it would be really tacky of me to skip out now wouldn't it?

So I decided to let the stash decide. If I could find enough yarn in the right weight that wasn't committed to another project then I would go for it.

About this time two years ago a store called Army-Navy in Camberley (UK) decided to ditch their yarn department. First all of it went to 30% off and I bought some yarn. When they dropped the price on the remaining yarn to 70% off, I went back and stocked up on Rowan. Of course, the stock was pretty picked over and the color choice was weird but what the hey.

Turns out I have four choices of Silky Tweed with 14 skeins or more (Jazz-purple, Inky - blue-green, Conifer - duh dark green, and Sooty - dark grey) and some Red Rowan Aran.

Now, normally I would automatically go for red/grey but thought I would ask all of you for an opinion. As soon as it is light enough to take decent pictures without a flash I will post the pix on my normal blog and would appreciate any comments both on suitability and color. Of Words and Woll



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

FYI, the link to your blog is not working. Maybe it's case sensitive. Glad you'll be joining us!

Holly said...

It was probably off line, I had to update wordpress. I will try it again now.