Monday, June 6, 2011

Thank You, Michelle!

I've been remiss in posting and thanking Michelle for the gorgeous prize I received from her for my March Sweater Madness sweater.

I received 2 X 4oz braids of custom dyed Corriedale Superwash! Isn't it beautiful?! I hope I can do it justice with my beginner spinning skills.

Thank you so much again, Michelle. I had a blast during this March Sweater Madness. I am thrilled that I have a sweater to show for it that has been getting plenty of use (still need to post a modelled shot). Of course, I'm looking forward to next year's Madness?

By the way, has anyone else finished their project??


Rani said...

Oh! You lucky girl!!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I finally finished spinning it too. I have to give the skeins a good soak before I do anything with them. Can't wait to see how they'll knit up.