Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How did I get here?

I can't believe it's March 22. I thought I would have this thing practically done by now. The truth is, my knitting mojo has deserted me right when I needed it the most.
I've been reading instead. I don't know how it happened - I mean, I read for work all day, the last thing you'd think I'd want to read would be more literature. But someone loaned me the biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery that came out a couple of years ago, and I zipped through that. Then I got the new one on Mordecai Richler, and I am working my way through that, too. What the heck is WRONG with me this month?
I have 12 inches of the body of my blue sweater done now. I am trying to get my knitting mojo back....Darn books anyway.


Rani said...

BOOKS ON TAPE! HA HA! I get my books on CD and listen to them while I do dished, drive and, or course . . . KNIT!

Good luck on that elusive mojo. Been there. I have knitting ADD. I've started about 5 projects OTHER than my sweater. distractions.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

My sympathies! I've got the same problem. I meant to start the sleeves on my sweater couple days ago, but it didn't happen. Too many books to read. I get hooked and then can't put it down. And then there is my new spinning obsession! Oh my. Poor sweater.

Emily B. said...

Thanks Rani and Barbara. I am still no further along with my sweater! I should have known from previous years that this is usually my fallow knitting period, but oy vey! I am so disappointed in myself! :)
I should really start listening to books - you are right!
And way to go on the spinning. Looking at Michelle's spinning always fills me with the desire to start.