Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Half Way Through March?

How can that be? Yikes!

Well, gauge did not like me snubbing my nose in its general direction and so with two balls knit and at about 3.75", I had to rip right back to the beginning and restart--two sizes smaller! Story of my life. I recall another sweater with a similar fate. I'm on track now. I don't dare measure to prove myself delusional. I've finished one waistband chart (4 rows) and will evaluate after one more. This photo represents 19cm (7.5") of knitting. This is the side view.


Rani said...

Interesting pattern. The color is so springy. Just in time for the season.

Holly said...

Oh, but it will be so pretty. And the re-do will be worth it since it can be a sweater that you shall wear, not one sitting smiling slyly from the shelf saying "look at all my hard work - nah nah nah - you can't wear me!"

Michelle said...

I must admit you are further along than I am but I'm working hard to catch up. Dishes be damned I have knitting to do tonight!