Monday, February 28, 2011


Did I completely forget about a prize this year? No.
Did I forget to tell you all about it, why yes I did!!

This year I will be happy to custom dye 8oz of yarn or fiber for the first sweater finisher. You must be cast off and all sew together, blocking is not a must since it takes a while to dry.

You will have to put some hustle into it, Holly is our resident sweater champion!!


Rani said...

I'll have to opt out of the prize since I started mine about month ago! And I may not finish in time.

Should be fun. I'm not on the contributor list. I think I was last year or a few years ago, but I took myself off. Can you put me back on there, or is that something I can do.

How's Baby Girl?

Michelle said...

Hmm, let me see if I can fix that! I think I will need to send you another blog invite and we certainly want to see/hear your progress :D

She's doing wonderfully! Teething a lot so today has been a loud day!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Will Holly be joining us this March? I think she's on tour so I'm not sure.
Oooo, prize! I'd love to win some fibre.