Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If not one challenge, it is another

So there I was with problem number one

Notice the nice 90º turn? The intelligent use of the double increase? I thought not.

second attempt

Much better, sweater now clicking along.

I finish the first front (and you can clearly see why my first attempt didn't work)

I knit the second front and started on the back extension. Reaching for another ball of yarn, I discovered a slightly disconcerting problem - only two balls of yarn left (actually three when I get attempt #1 frogged). Serious issue - If each front plus side extension takes four balls of yarn and I have two left - what are the chances I can get the whole upper back out of what I have left?

(more pain and the rest of the story here.



Michelle said...

I LOVE the colours! Good thing you got the decreases worked out..looks much better. I'm sure your progress is just clicking along!

Holly said...

clicking.... needles clicking....right!