Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fafner Update

and a few other things while I am at it.

Returned from a conference in Munich last Sat so late that it was Sunday before I arrived home. Or maybe it wasn't, but I was too tired to know the difference.

I did make some progress on Fafner while I was gone - this is the back because the front on the right looks the same and the left is plain for adding the dragon.

Then there are another couple projects that have just been hanging on forever. Wed night I managed to finally finish up Pagode. It is a Hanne Falkenberg pattern. So think 3.00 mm needles and endless garter stitch. Since I did not want to knit it in 3 pieces, but instead essentially turned it into EZ like origami - that first row was almost 1000 stitches long.

and this is where I am on Faery Ring - no so far, but have made more progress from here and have only 16 rows to go on the second sleeve... After that - it will only be the hood to go. Argh!


bySarah said...

Your Pagode came out absolutely beautiful! Congrats on finishing it up!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

1000 stitches? You are a much more patient woman than I! Pagode looks wonderful!

Holly said...

Thanks all. It feels so good to get a large project out of the way!