Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cabled Duffle Coat Update

Back. Left front almost to armpit decreases.Two sleeves. Can you figure out my oops? Since I knit the sleeves first, I didn't realized that I made a mistake until I was knitting the back, at which point I chose to ignore my screw up. But now that the coat is getting rather close to finishing, I am starting to wonder if there will be more ripping in my future. The problem is that I crossed the cables every 8th row on the sleeves instead of every 6th. Now it's starting to bother me. Maybe that's what has been causing my right eye to twitch in that most annoying way. Grrrrr.
What would you guys do if this was yours to deal with??


Michelle said...

Hmm...tricky. If it were me I would leave it, but if it really bothers you then you might as well fix it. Also, impressive progress!

bySarah said...

I would leave it too. I bet you wont notice at all when you seam it up...or it will look like a design detail.

Holly said...

Nice work (other comment on your blog).

If you are going to grumble everytime you put it on, fix it.

Otherwise, you are going to be the only one who ever notices.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks for the comments.