Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Progress update:
I measured him today...he's 15" so far and needs to go to 26 for the back. Turns out there is no shaping so I will just keep knitting and knitting until I reach the end!
There is a very good chance that I am not going to be finished this sweater on time which totally bums me out because it will be my first time not hitting close to the deadline, but I will still keep trying and see how close I can get...on the flip side...Chris is going to LOVE this sweater!


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You're making good progress. Way to go! Does he suspect anything?

Michelle said...

I don't think so..I mean he picked out the yarn a while ago but other than that he has probably forgotten..I hope. I try to knit him a sweater every year so he might suspect but he will still be pleased!

Holly said...

and it looks like such a guy sweater. That is a lot of love.