Saturday, September 12, 2009


If no one minds - I have a sweater to knit that is going to accomplish dual duty. There are four of us on the Ravelry Elsepth Lavold Group that have decided to recreate "that dragon sweater."

Since there is not a pattern (except in her first book of some runes and Fafner's head) each of us is obviously going to be doing a slightly different version.

I have also decided that everything, for the rest of this year, needs to be knit from stash (excluding things that come only in kits - if I am desperate for a pattern, all bets are off).

I am going to
1) change the runes on the front to say something other than the sweater's name. I might put ruins up the sleeves rather than the cable patches on the elbows
2) thinking about turning the sweater into a cardigan (steeks of course) and extending Fafner's tail to make a line of button holes down the front.

(meanwhile, as of Sat eve, I have just the finishing on Pyramide, the shoulders, neck, collar and armhole ribbing on my vest and Stillwater has been frogged).


Michelle said...

That sounds like a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see your progress

Rani said...

That is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see the progress!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Wow! You knit the most beautiful sweaters, Holly!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I love Lavold designs. I actually just borrowed the book from my local library that your design is in.