Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Is For UFOs

Holly had a great idea! Let April be a month of UFO completion.

I already started. On April 1st, I finished a dishcloth that's been gathering dust for more months than I care to admit to. Then I knit two more the same day. And that is how I got my knitting groove back. Thank goodness! On April 2nd, I picked up my March Sweater Madness sweater after almost a two week break, and as of last night I am up to the armpits and ready to cast on the sleeves. Long live progress.

So will we have any joiners this month?

Holly, I forgot to ask when you finished your sweater, would you like a first finisher gift or to do a mini swap?


Michelle said...

I will join, however all that is happening over here is wedding shawl knitting

Stephanie said...

Oh I am game for this... Have a pair of thigh high socks that are almost done only a year in the works. *sigh*

Holly said...

I have to finish the Eldests wedding shawl this month. I want to finish up Phoenix.

And what I really want to do is clear out a UFO....
(Blues, Norwegian Roses or Walk in the Woods).

swap or whatever - no issues here, just enjoying life wrapped in warm sweater.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Michelle. Is the shawl a secret knit or will you show us a sneak peak?