Friday, March 13, 2009


There I was, just motoring along..... I got to here

Body - check
right sleeve - check
left sleeve - oops - I have plenty of mohair, but the rest of the wool? I left it in Germany for my DH to mail out to me. That won't happen till Sat. I won't see it till earliest Thurs...

I would like to say that I am gentle and kind, leaving plenty of time for Barb to catch up and surpass me. But we all know better, I just didn't realize exactly how much of each skein I had tossed aside because of the m*ths.



Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Gee, I am really sorry to hear about your shortage. Really. I am almost done the first cable repeat, and it is going quite fast, the cables being on the easy side.

I don't know how much time I will have to catch up though, because hubby's son is bringing his fiancee home for the first time so I will be busy giving her the third degree (I mean, getting to know the lovely young woman.)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

BTW, Happy Friday the 13th.

Holly said...

take it easy on the young woman. Meeting potential in-laws can be really scary. (I am in favor of doing it at the wedding. Then it doesn't influence choices. After all, does she really want to see into the future?

Family say they got everything off in the mail yesterday. I can only hope that it makes it here by Thurs Mail run.