Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok, I am in. Nothing like starting a new project to help you avoid everything already on the needles.

I went with the second jacket - and pulled some Impressions in Hawaii colorway out of the stash. Since I don't have anything even remotely like bulky around, I am taking a strand of the wool along with a strand of the mohair. The double moss looks rather nice and I like the color variations.

Since I am not one for sewing things together - I am knitting in one piece to the arms.

Going through security at Frankfurt (both outer and the second right before the flight to the UK) there was no issue with needles and wool. What was of concern was my flashlight.

Go figure.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Nice start Holly.
I was surprised I had no problem with needles on the flight to and from Poland. They had issues with my toothpaste, though. Go figure.

Holly said...

I understand the toothpaste - it was in a metal tube?
I switched to the plastic containers for traveling and ....clear plastic bags.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Nope. Plastic tube in a clear plastic bag. Oh well.