Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Year of Madness??

Understandably, this site has been very quiet for the past few months, but it is March once again. Are any of you interested in a third year of Madness??

I, for one, would sure like to make this an annual event. Although our intrepid leader Michelle is not available to guide us (it's my understanding that she's out of the country at the moment), perhaps we could still make a go of it. I just got back from a 5-week vacation, and although we're already into March with none of the preliminaries in place, I believe there is still time to get this Madness rolling and complete a sweater by the time the 31st gets here.

If any of you are interested, perhaps you could leave a message in the comments by 6pm EST on Wednesday, March 4th and state your preferred yarn weight and style, and provide a link to any specific pattern. At this late date, I believe patterns available for free from online sources would work best due to our limited time.

I am looking forward to all your suggestions and ideas.


Stephanie said...

I am game! I have no preferences though.

Josiane said...

Oh, my! I badly need to go back to my poor neglected sweater from last year, so I won't be starting another one this month, that's for sure. Have fun, though!

Michelle said...

I have just arrived home! With the wedding planning it is just insane right now, I would love if you would run the msm!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Welcome back, Michelle!