Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lace A Long

Thanks for all your comments! Janet's comment made me think...maybe we can do a lace a long and that way we can include everyone!

So for June and July pick out a project that you would like to knit that has a lace motif and we will knit a long! I will be working on a lace stole for my sister along with many fingering weight shawls for myself!
What are you planning on knitting?

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Holly said...

It is a great idea!

I have promised myself no new starts till I finish at least one new thing on the needles.

Socks don't count, not even if they are lace.

I have the last 10 cm of the sleeves for HodgePodge Tubey to go, then the put together.

Should be able to post it soon.