Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Small Progress

I decided, taking all of your good advice - to turn this sweater

Into a Tubey.

Now, I promptly ran into an issue with the construction. I don't have a clue how much yarn I really have, or whether it will be enough for full sleeves. Tubey is knit sleeves first, then the body down.

Since I really prefer having a body on the sweater (I am way to hold to have my stomach and belly button hanging out), it means that I am going to have to knit up, then do a bit of complicated fudging to knit the sleeves out from the center as part of the garment (I hate sewing things together when there is an alternative.

Deciding that I really don't want much white on the bottom/sweater body - I have started.

Since all the colours originally came from the same set of bats, separated out by colour for spinning, I am hoping that this will work.

And 5mm needles are so big!


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Josiane said...

I'm sure the colours will work beautifully! As for the construction, I'd have started with the sleeves, as instructed, but only doing very short ones that I would have completed later (starting with a provisional cast-on for the first and leaving the stitches of the second on waste yarn). I'm looking forward to seeing your solution: learning new tricks is always useful!