Monday, April 7, 2008


I have 3 FO's for you today!! I am thrilled!
The 2 sweaters were picked up again in March so that is technically cheating, but I am ok with that.

Sweater #1
This is my Buttony Sweater which is knit out of handspun from roving I dyed for this sweater. The sweater took exactly 2 lbs of Superwash merino. It is EXTREMELY comfortable!
I am planning another sweater based on this one minus the buttons because I LOVE the neckline.

Sweater #2
My Bitchin Sweater! This sweater is also handspun out of funky carolina merino tencel in the Bitchin colourway. I had a TON of problems with the pattern and was a learning experience. I ended up using a lot of roving and the sweater is very heavy, but in the end it turned out perfectly! I love this sweater!

The Clap!
Ah my long forgotten Clapotis! This is an actual April FO! I started this a long time ago and she was shelved...well because it is an extremely boring knit...but beautiful!
As you can tell in the photo I am getting a little tired of modeling :-)
However, I love having FO's all at once! Next up is my seraphim shawl...I am getting a bad case of startitis, but am fighting it all the way!


Janet said...

Oooh, LOVE the Bitchin' sweater. Love everything, but that especially!

bySarah said...

ALl three are beautiful, but I am mostly so darn impressed that you knit TWO sweaters out of your own goal for 2008 is to do just one!

Holly said...

Those are all terrific! And there is something extra special about a sweater made of your own handspun.

Love the neckline as well!

Josiane said...

Those sweaters are gorgeous, and they look so cosy! I love your Clapotis too. I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing those three fabulous FOs!