Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The info

Ok ladies, there have been a few questions so here is the info.

There will be 3 patterns that will be linked here and on the blog on March 1st.
All patterns will be in worsted weight and the gauge is approx 18x24 on US size 8 5mm needles
Each pattern varies a bit.

Yardage also varies but all the patterns are top down so you can try it on as you knit since SOME of us made sweaters WAY too big last year that still sit in our closet waiting to be frogged.


Jinxsa said...

Mine wasn't/isn't waiting to be frogged I felted it and cut a purse (or 3) out of it. ;)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That's an awesome idea, jinxsa!
Mine fit great, until I took a "shortcut" one day and put it in the washer. Duh!! Now it fits my daughter... Chalk it up to lesson learned.

Janet said...

So, Michelle, what time will you be posting the pattern links? :-)

Michelle said...

I am hoping I can stay up till 12ish tonight to put it up

Knitsnpurls said...

Hmm, does that mean us West Coasters can start at 9:00 pm PT?

Jayne said...

AH - just saw this after I posted my time zone post - if you do stay up late then I can get the pattern before I go to my knitting group - even better!