Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Years!

Hope the end of the year is finding all of you well and fine.

I know that this blog has been dead silent.

Should we do something again together this coming March?


Who finished up the last of five dragging on forever projects (one a sweater started in 1996) and now feels justified in starting something new. It is better than packing for my move to the U.K.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

All the best in the New Year to Everyone!
I would definitely be up for another March Madness project. I am almost finished my Lopi sweater and, like Holly, finishing outstanding UFOs. Naturally, there's always time for socks and mittens!

Holly said...

Mittens? I saw some waffle mittens on someones site.

And we can always use mittens.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I'd like to do a bigger project than mittens or socks. Like, say, a nice sweater to go with the March Sweater Madness theme. But to pick a pattern...

Holly said...


That is a sweater with sleeves!

I am in regardless.

Now, should we all do the same sweater, or just from the same source?

Perhaps the Drops site again?