Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Great Idea!

Thanks Holly.

As Holly mentioned in yesterday's comments, she is planning on knitting those same socks as well. Knit them together? Naturally! Sounds like a great idea.

Who else wants to join us in knitting those beauties in July? Any takers? It will be fun!!

How about putting the word out, Michelle? Is it do-able?


Michelle said...

I can absolutely try. Usually I try to pick a free pattern because people are less likely to sign up if they have to buy the pattern, but I will give it a shot!

Holly said...

then maybe I am thinking of the wrong pattern. I thought it was the one I downloaded off the Drops website.

Could they have two that looked similar?


Hey Barb - did you buy this one?

In which case, if people want a free challenge - I can provide one (my sockapoolza pattern) whic I was not going to release or post till after 2 Aug.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

It's totally free! I didn't check if the link works yet.

Karin said...

Well gals, you've convinced me :). I downloaded the pattern and will try to fit it in among the many KAL socks I have going. It's a beautiful pattern Barbara, glad you mentioned it here.

aquaknits said...

The socks are great, and I even have some alpaca sock yarn perfect for them (thanks to Sweet Sheep) :)