Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enter the Entrelac.

I have been working on these socks for a few days (Still trying to avoid the toe decreases on my moneky sock- icky). they are toe-up, which is a new one on me, and entrelac to boot. I am making them for a friend in a not so secret Harry Potter sock swap. Sshe was sorted into Ravenclaw and prefers the Grey and blue colours. This is what I have so far.

The "take-out" tubs are on sale at Micheals for $1 each and keeps the yarn from tangling too badly. It takes about 8-10 mins per square which is down from when I first started and it took 15 minutes. Also I love my new(ish) sockblockers!


Holly said...

You are a real pal to knit almost forever socks! those are lovely

Michelle said...

Wow they are beautiful, you have so much more patience than I do.

Jinxsa said...

Almost forever sock? That's bad right, I mean if I'm on a deadline, or is that how long they last, which would be a good thing.

I'm actually enjoying them. It's no more patience than anything else knitting realted. The instructions in IK are amazing. I haven't had any problems (except with the total lack of support with the stupid cast on!) What's nice is instead of "when I finish this row" I say :when I finish this square". The real kicker is I showed them to dad and he wants his HP socks in Entrelac.