Friday, April 27, 2007


Hi ladies,
I am so sorry I have not been around much. I have just been swamped..just utterly swamped. The orders part of being swamped is great..I really enjoy sending great yarns out to you...but it is the taxes and book keeping part that has really kicked my but...because of course I put it off...bleh.
Anyways, I will be away for the beginning of the Monkey Along so I wanted to post the pattern.

Funny how this pattern is not in the archives? Anyways, I will be monkeying along with you in B.C. I am so excited to use my handspun for this pattern. It is my first sock weight handspun...whoo!

I will post photos of progress when I get back. You can see pictures of the handspun here.
Happy Monkey MAY!!

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Holly said...

And it will be Monkey A HOY! when you get back. Have a great time and we expect pictures.