Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Confession

Ladies, I must make a confession.
I am leaving for my Cruise on April 28th and the Jitterbug socks are actually for someone on the cruise, so they have taken priority over my UFO.
I will still work on the UFO but I HAVE to get these socks done. So if no one minds i will post about my jitterbug socks here to have something to post about.
I am thinking that we might do a KAL for a sock pattern in May...any objections..ideas. That way we can hopefully have some new friends join us!


Holly said...

Doing socks or finishing up socks. Works for me. Since I am participating in so many sock groups, Obviously I have some preferences (Sensational socks, more sensational socks, favorite socks - if we want to pull one out of a book).
Otherwise, taking a pattern off of if we want to go for something that is free.
Count me in (I am already insane, why not?).


Jinxsa said...

I am also working on trip stuff. I have my anna socks in progress. I also joined 2 sock swaps, (DOH). My favourite pattern to date to work on is Cookie A's Monkey Socks from knitty. I've also beein dying to try clessera.

Michelle said...

I was thinking of doing monkey too

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

One of my UFOs is a pair of socks from Knitting on the Road, Traveler's Stockings. The only thing I have done so far is a cuff of one sock. Does anyone else have this book? It's filled with interesting sock designs.