Wednesday, March 28, 2007

With New Determination

Gretchen, Barbara...lets do it! You are right there is still time...forget cleaning..I am going to plop in front of the TV and work this baby out...I will not fail!


gretchen said...

Cleaning? Cleaning was seriously never an option.... ;-)

Holly said...

cleaning is a baaaaaad thought. Trust me. You do it today and it is just going to have to be redone in a couple of days.

If you are feeling bad, I can post a pix or three of the dust monsters that are currently residing in my house.

They are waiting for the weekend, since I want to complete a couple more knit things first.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You two are truly inspirational. Except that this afternoon I was guilty of procrastination of grand magnitude. Yes, I started picking up after kids....and sweeping floors.... Until I got told off by my very dear hubby, to stop procrastinating and go KNIT! I never thought I'd hear sweeter words. From my man, to stop cleaning! I thought I was in the wrong house for crying out loud! I mean, cleaning usually gets inspired by "How Clean is Your House?". Anyway, I knit. I made progress.

Purl Grrls said...

That is a good man!