Monday, March 19, 2007

Who has stared on new projects?? Let's see them!

For the ladies still knitting...Holly who came in second place...has kindly decided to decline her second place prize and would like to distribute it among the remaining knitters who finish their sweater within this month.
So anyone who finishes this month gets a prize!


Holly said...

I have all the finished pictures on one of the family website pages
Finished Projects. I also think I posted a picture here.
I would have added it to here, but forwhat ever reason, I can't make it through the log-in screens. It keeps wanting to covert to blogger2 and dead-ending on me.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Holly. I tried both links and got message 404 NOT FOUND for both.

Also, very generous of you to decline your prize!

Michelle said...

hi barbara you just have to take the crap out of the way and the link will work.